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Company Profile

    Western huaqi construction (group) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the western huaqi construction group"), is located in baoji jiang tan road 66 huaqi building. Formerly known as the people's liberation army academy of military sciences baoji sussing out), was founded in 1987. After development, renamed JunKeYuan northwest huaqi construction engineering company, 1999 from JunKeYuan leadership, classified management in shaanxi province people's government. 2002 equity restructuring, changed its name to west huaqi construction engineering co., LTD. Ten-year great-leap-forward development, was established in 2012 to form a set of project investment, real estate development, construction, equipment installation, building material production, property management services, commercial finance, hotel catering, total assets of 1 billion yuan of western modern enterprise group, huaqi construction group. Group currently has housing construction general contracting level, the real estate development, municipal, garden ancient buildings, fire protection, steel structure, bridge engineering, construction curtain wall level 2 and a number of qualifications of foreign contracted projects and so on. Among them, upon the approval of the ministry, in baoji private construction enterprises obtain the earliest housing construction general contracting qualification; Approved by the ministry of commerce, the first of the national private enterprise to acquire the qualification of foreign contracted projects of the People's Republic of China. 
    Group organization and improve the reasonable and advanced management concept. Dasheng is equipped with the board of directors, board of supervisors, managers, the general headquarters/departments, party, trade unions, the group office, the enterprise property management department, hr department, finance department, and supervision of audit and party-masses work department, and other functions of multiple institutions and departments. Group owns the western huaqi construction group construction engineering co., LTD., shaanxi green real estate co., LTD., shaanxi huaqi real estate development co., LTD., shaanxi equipment installation co., LTD., shaanxi trade co., LTD, baoji huaqi property management co., LTD, baoji weibin district huaqi small loan co., LTD., huaqi international hotel eight verticals. As early as in 2000, the group has successfully passed the American bell ISO9002 international quality system certification, in December 2003 and passed certification co., LTD., Beijing united business development research quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification. 
    Group, strong technical force, complete construction equipment. Existing staff of 327 people. Among them, all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 250 people, with high, intermediate technical title personnel 120 more than person. Group now has to build all kinds of large and medium-sized construction machinery and equipment more than 800 sets (pieces). 
    Group advanced management concept, marketing widely. Is given priority to with shaanxi provincial capital city of xi 'an and baoji registered city ground, insist on, in the province and outside the province, at home and abroad and the management policy, successively in shaanxi baoji, xianyang, xi 'an, tianshui, gansu province, suzhou, jiangsu province, such as domestic large and medium-sized cities and myanmar, Thailand, the united Arab emirates, cape Verde, development and construction of a large number of key engineering projects, has obtained the good economic and social benefits. In prime locations downtown xian DE gruyter temple village has one, two "huaqi" east county of the construction of the project with a total area of more than 70 square meters, is the key city of xi 'an village renovation project. Is the development and construction, is located in baoji city GaoGu Village "huaqi, west county" project, covering an area of 400 mu, total construction area of more than 60 square meters, after the completion of baoji will be the best residential area in human settlement environment. Good suzhou WangHu hotel project by ministry of construction engineering, construction of the railway baoji horse camp high-rise residential project was rated as high quality engineering "ChangAnBei" shaanxi province, construction of the Chinese embassy in Burma apartment buildings, and other foreign engineering rated as excellent project by the ministry of foreign affairs. 
    Group company has successively won the "national excellent construction enterprise", "Chinese quality, service, credit AAA enterprise", "shaanxi province advanced construction enterprise", "top 50 construction in shaanxi province the most growth enterprises" and other honorary titles. Group construction company is now a project management committee of China's construction industry association, deputy director of the unit, shaanxi construction industry association, the baoji construction industry association, vice President of units. 
    With the completion of huaqi building, west huaqi construction group all the cadres and workers in the group leadership team, led by standing at a new starting point, grasps the new normal, seize new opportunities, new as, breakthrough cohesion, seek new cross, western efforts toward the goal of first-class enterprise, the listed company. 






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          Construction and installation, building decoration, supplies procurement; Machinery and equipment leasing, real estate development; Environmental protection engineering, landscape engineering, municipal engineering, thus highway bridge engineering construction; Wood, concrete components processing; Catering services; Commercial trade. (the business scope of national laws and regulations have special provisions will be subject to license); Overseas housing construction project contracting and domestic international bidding project; All the overseas project required equipment and materials exports; International sent for implementation of the overseas labor service personnel.